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SOUR DOUGH STARTER for Sour Dough Bread


1/2 cup Wholewheat Flour

1/2 cup of water

Simply mix in a large jar and cover loosely with Beeswax Wrap.

For next 7-10 days discard ½ the batter and feed the Sour Dough Starter: 1/2 cup plain flour & ¼ filtered water every day and re-cover jar.

After a few days you will start seeing bubbles in the mixture and it will get a tangy sour smell.

Once the mixture doubles within a few hours after feeding you can start using the Sour Dough Starter for baking. We start by making pancakes.

Note: we usually use Unbleached Organic White Flour, and it works well. But we have found that these little microorganisms love Wholewheat flour. If I find the mixture rising a bit lack lustre, I feed it with wholewheat flour and it seems to give it that little extra boost.

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