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Rustic farmhouse Pie Crust!

What you need:

(Makes 2 12 inch crusts)

360g Plain Flour

180g Butter cubed

3-6 Tablespoons Water

Pinch of Salt

What you do:

Place flour & salt in a bowl. Add butter & rub the flour and butter together until it looks like wet sand.

Add a small amount of water and mix. If it’s still dry, add more water sparingly. Do this until the mixture comes together in a tight dough. Not sticky.

If it’s sticky, add a little bit of flour.

We half the dough ball and press this into our pie tins.

Cover with a piece of parchment and fill the crust with dough beads. We use butterbeans here.

Par bake for 10 minutes.

Let it cool before filling with your pie mixture.

Can be used for both savoury & sweet pies.

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