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Keeping chickens is not as hard as it may seem. And if you have a few simple things in place for them. You will be rewarded with happy chickens who lay delicious eggs.

When considering getting chickens, we advise that you research the breeds that would suit your requirements, climate and garden best. And find a reputable breeder. This is the most important step in successfully keeping chickens.

You also need an appropriate sized chicken coop to house your chickens. Chickens don't like being crowded, so make sure you get one that has ample space for the amount of chickens you plan to keep.

Chickens enjoy scraps from the kitchen, but they need will also need chicken feed and grit to stay healthy. We feed our chickens crushed garlic about once a month too. This helps to prevent worms. Lastly, chickens need a dust bath. Somewhere that they can roll around and frolic in dust to keep mites and fleas at bay.

When you collect your chickens take a large box. Once you bring them home, place them into their coop and close the coop shut until the next day. Giving them time to settle in.

In the morning, open their coop door, but don't force them out. Give them time to come out on their own. Chickens are curious creatures and once they feel safe and settled, they will come out on their own to explore their new home.

They need fresh food and water every day. And a clean coop once a week.

Your reward will be fresh eggs every day. That's a good trade.

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