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Homemade Egg Pasta


4 Eggs

2 Cups of Flour

What you do:

Beat eggs in a measuring jug. I just use a fork.

Pour 2 cups of flour onto the counter and make a well in the middle with the fork.

Slowly pour egg mixture into the well and start incorporating it with the fork using circular movements.

Slowly add more egg and mix in with more flour.

The batter will start thickening up. I don’t use the full 2 cups. Once your batter is dough-like you can knead it like a bread dough.

The batter will become smooth and almost shiny looking when it’s done.

Cover with cling film and place in fridge to rest for at least 1 hour.

If you have a pasta machine it will make things a bit easier. But if you don’t you can still make some basic pastas like lasagna sheets, tagliatelle, linguine & rustic spaghetti.

All you would need to do is cut smaller chunks off the ball of dough and roll these as flat as you can with a rolling pin on a generously flour dusted surface. Cut the pasta to size.

Using a pasta machine, I first cut off a smaller chunk off the pasta dough & recover it. Starting on nr7 setting, I gradually mill the dough through the pasta maker and then move the dough onto level 3 or 4. I like lasagna sheets to be about as thick as a crepe or pancake.

These are best used freshly made. The batch is enough for two medium to large lasagnas.

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