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Egg Pots!

We are in the season of brunches. With slow mornings and lazier afternoons. Something warm and tasty in our bellies on these grey cold winter In-between days.

This is the PERFECT send off for this crazy year! Leave it behind in style! Or the best kick off for the NEW YEAR! A happy breakfast brunch or whip-up dinner.

Wow your family without breaking a sweat.

We also make it often for birthday breakfasts. It's super easy, but so tasty. And feels a bit special.

What you need:

Ramekins/small oven proof dishes.


Tomato paste/bolognaise sauce



Cheese grated


What you do:

Pour a teaspoon of cream into ramekin.

Add few slices of Chorizo.

Scoop tablespoon of tomato.

Crack egg on top.

Pour another teaspoon of cream on egg.

Sprinkle of seasoning.

Cover with grated cheese.

Bake in hot oven for 15 - 20 mins.

It's piping hot, so cool for few minutes and enjoy with crusty bread/ciabatta/baguette.

You can replace chorizo with sausages for the young ones. Or even bacon or chopped ham. Still scrumptious!


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