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What you need:

  • Potted Ivy

  • Terracotta Planter

  • Compost

  • Hand spade

  • Wire Hanger

Fill your terracotta pot about half way with compost. remove your potted Ivy from it's planter and place into terracotta pot. Fill terracotta pot with more compost. Making sure to fill all the space around the Ivy to secure it.

Unbend your wire hanger. And reshape it into a Heart. Also unbend top of the hanger into a straight point. This part will plant the heart shape into the planter.

Insert your Heart Shape wire into the pot by planting it center into the Ivy plant. Push it deep enough to make sure it doesn't come loose.

Now carefully weave the Ivy around the wire shape. In time it will grow to cover the entire shape. Every few weeks weave new growth onto the Heart Shape. In a short while you will have a lovely heart shaped topiary. And it will be hard to believe that it was made from little more than a wire hanger.

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