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Candle Making

What you need:

  • Wax - we usually use Eco Soy Wax.

  • Candle Wicks.

  • Double Sided candle Wick Stickers.

  • Container for your candle.

  • Wick adjuster. We use specialized metal ones for our shop candles. But a wooden clothes pin also gets the job done.

  • Fragrances/Essential Oil.

  • Candle color wax. We don't usually use these anymore, as we love the natural milky tint of the Eco Soy Wax. And we've found that the candle colors can cause problems with the texture of a candle as it sets.

What else you need:

  • A pot big enough for your wax. With an easy to pour funnel on the rim. This helps to pour neat liquid wax easier.

  • Thermometer.

  • Baking Sheet.

  • Baking parchment.

What you do:

Prepare your containers for your candles by wiping them clean. And inserting candle wicks by applying the double sided candle wick sticker and sticking it to the center of your container.

Place the candle wick adjuster over the container and secure the wick. making sure it's centered and tight.

Place containers on a Baking sheet covered with baking parchment. This helps with clean-up afterwards. Preventing wax stains on your counter tops.

Measure out your Wax and your essential oils.

Pour wax into your pot and melt it on a medium heat. Check your thermometer closely to bring wax up to 185'C.

Once it reaches this temp, remove from heat and monitor it closely while it cools down.

Once it gets to 120'C add your fragrance/essential oils and mix well for a few minutes.

Carefully and slowly pour the liquid wax into the container.

We don't usually move our candles once they're poured. But wait until they have cooled down a bit. Make sure you keep your cooling candles in a safe spot. Liquid wax is very hot and can cause serious burns. Keep away from children.

Candle Making is a fun craft to try out. But for immediate gratification of your fragrance candle needs. You can find our hand poured candles in our HOMEGROWN SHOP.

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