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Bath Bombs!


1 cup Baking Soda

Half cup Epson Salt

Half cup Corn Starch

Half cup Citric Acid


Sweet Almond Oil/Coconut Oil/Olive Oil

Essential Oil

Food Colouring/Cosmetic Mica

-You also need Cute Moulds. Silicon cupcake wrappers, Ice cube trays & Cookie cutters all work well.

What you do:

Mix Baking Soda, Epson salt & Corn Starch together.

Add Mica

Carefully add a little bit of water, we start with teaspoons.

Then add Oils, we usually use Sweet Almond Oil.

Then add Essential oils. Mix to incorporate. Time to get your hand sin there. Rub with your hands until it looks like wet sand. Gradually add small amounts of water. Take care not to add too much. Mixture will start to hold form.

Once you can pinch the batter and it keeps it shape you know it is ready.

Scoop into your moulds.

Leave to set. Once set, remove from moulds, and put somewhere dry and safe to cure.

If your mixture turns out crumbly, it is still perfectly wonderful to use as a Bath Sprinkle. Plus, it looks great in pretty jars!

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