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Fresh from the oven, Happy New Year!

Kicking off this year on a slow gentle bake. Our heads are still spinning at the speed that the Festive Season wrapped up.

We are in the planning phase of our HomeGrown year. 

A beautiful blank canvas to be filled up with people we love, and things we enjoy doing.

Seeds to order.

Massive winter clean-up earmarked.

Restocking those bare boned shelves after record sales.

Planning growth and opportunities.

But there's no rush. We're still basking in rest. Slow pace. Baking, crafting and soaking up home. 

Creating the special quality products for you enjoy!

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Wishing you the best homegrown 2023 you've ever had! 

-with love  from team HGH

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About HomeGrownHOME

Living in the beautiful Irish countryside we live a simple lifestyle. Celebrating the beauty and simplicity of every day in a down to earth wholesome way.Bringing you unique and fresh seasonal inspirations in the Kitchen, Garden, Decor and Crafts.

Join us as we explore some fun Arts & Crafts, developing interesting and practical Life Skills that have gone missing in a busy modern lifestyle. Growing our own food. Making things from scratch. And creating beautiful Crafts that will make your house feel like a HomeGrown Home too.

Adding warmth and welcome to your favorite space.